Talks on concrete plans to achieve sustainable development goals have been making rounds across the globe, with large businesses joining governments to ensure the targets are met. Can robotic process automation make a difference (RPA)?


It was in 2019 when sustainability discussions were highlighted, as advocates called on world leaders and corporations to take action to protect the environment and ensure equality among people.

According to the recent Gartner Insights Sustainable Business Survey, top officials involved with sustainability strategy and initiatives plan to shell out more funds for sustainability investments.

While traditional IT sustainability approaches promoted low-emissions hardware, cost-efficient power, smaller data centers, and equipment recycling, the uses of RPA have started gaining headway.


In a business environment, software robots are being tapped as they are proven effective and efficient in carrying out simple and repetitive activities.

But its role can be more powerful than that when its software robots and chatbots are paired with the Internet of Things as it can help in climate change mitigation efforts, disease monitoring, and reduction in plastic consumption.


Deploying RPA can provide the following sustainability benefits:

— Reduces human errors, and waste. As RPA can automate monotonous and high-volume processes, businesses can avoid human errors. Software robots would also cut down dependence on paper consumption and printing costs.

— Allows resource redistribution. Since RPA frees employees from mundane tasks, workers can focus on more strategic duties. Saved materials or funds can also be allocated instead to other priorities.

— Gives insights. If paired with other advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, RPA can help provide data-driven analysis, allowing businesses to avoid making poor decisions.

— Makes businesses more competitive. Automation is the way to go to improve client experience, boost operations, and equip executives with smart insights.


Pushing for sustainability is not confined to caring for the environment, as it has already expanded to other aspects of human lives. In the growing digital world, technology is key in paving the way for a greener future.


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