In a world where several countries and companies compete to bring the most advanced and efficient technology, countless innovations are flooding the global market, abandoning other devices.

This development has also pushed vendors of robotic process automation (RPA) to explore ways to remain relevant.


A quick review of RPA provides us with an idea of how it benefits enterprises by automating repetitive tasks usually performed by humans. Minus the human errors, this allows businesses to save more funds while completing the activities in a short period of time.

But can RPA keep its competitive edge with the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) agents? Yes, and it’s by joining the game of AI.


According to a report by TechCrunch, a news website reporting on business technology, a “next-generation” RPA can further boost businesses.

Quoting Saikat Ray, Vice President Analyst at Gartner, the report stated that generative AI can add value to RPA as the latter “creates new possibilities for automation.


“Generative AI is a powerful technology that can enhance the capabilities of RPA platforms enabling them to understand and generate natural language, automate content creation, improve decision-making and even generate code. By integrating generative AI models, RPA platforms can offer more value to their customers, increase their productivity and efficiency and expand their use cases and applications,” Ray said.


In the 2023 Critical Capabilities for Robotic Process Automation, US-based technological research and consulting firm Gartner said that RPA vendors have started experimenting with generative AI in their products.

For Craig Le Clair, principal analyst at Forrester, RPA can be developed to support intelligent agents.


“RPA platforms have the architecture to manage thousands of task automation and this bodes well for central management of AI agents,” Clair added.


From managing only mundane and highly manual processes, software robots backed by AI agents can already adapt to unexpected situations, understand complex data, and make intelligent decisions.

In order for businesses to become notable and competitive, they need to modernize their processes and evolve with automation.


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