Managing finances is surely tedious, most especially for the national government. Public officers should make sure every penny is accounted for to assure the public their taxes don’t go to waste.

While a keen eye is a must for government officials, this task can still be overwhelming, which may lead to missing the tiniest details.


There is one thing that could help prevent such errors, and that is technology in the form of Robotic Process Automation, or RPA.

This innovation has been proven to be effective at improving efficiency and reducing costs of any organization. In the United States, 65% of federal agencies, and 41% of state agencies have adopted RPA to facilitate work, a Fedscoop report said.

One of the things wherein RPA will be of big help is in terms of managing repetitive tasks. By doing so, government employees can allot more time on more important tasks.

This can be related to one of the findings of Fedscoop. It reported that 34% of those surveyed said RPA saved 5,000 to 50,000 hours of annual work time.


RPA can be also used for data entry as this can gather information from documents and organize them in excel sheets. Cross-checking data is also possible with this technology to ensure accuracy and to improve quality.

If RPA can gather data, of course it can also generate reports. May it be for budgeting or spending, this software technology can handle it with the help of documents already available in the system.


If you can remember, there were also past issues about some government agencies getting victimized by hackers. These include the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation,  the Philippine Statistics Authority, and even the House of Representatives. Such attacks could have compromised very sensitive public data.

Well, this is an issue that can be solved with the help of RPA.

Since RPA bots can handle a number of tasks, like data processing, and management of tasks, this eliminates any unauthorized access to sensitive information.

RPA bots launch security measures when they detect unusual activity in a system.


Prior to RPA, governments already have a system they use for years when crafting or monitoring usage of public funds. Referred to as legacy software, such tools are often difficult to connect with the modern ones.

But this is not a problem for RPA as this software has the ability to bridge the gap between the old and the new. This makes sure that the legacy system is connected and integrated in the latest setup.


These are only some of the benefits RPA can give when used in a government system.

To fully utilize this technology, Monstarlab Philippines is ready to provide its services through RAX Automation Suite.

The RAX Automation Suite has tools that will help public servants ease up their daily tasks, effectively reducing their workload so they can make sure attention is given where it is needed.


If you are looking for ways to better serve the people, talk to the RAX team now to know how.

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