The banking industry is becoming more and more digitized as the years pass. Together with this is also the rise of cybercrime activities targeting consumers, making cybersecurity one of the main concerns for banks.

With this, banks must beef up their system with automation to protect their clients and detect anomalies.

Something that can help banks is robotic process automation or RPA. This software automates tasks that are heavy on labor and time-consuming. And by deploying this, banks can save on labor and operational costs and reduce human errors.

Through RPA, banks can:

  • Improve customer service by reducing turnaround time from customer onboarding, verifying customers’ details, and loan inquiries.
  • Automate the gathering of invoices from vendors, validate data, and process accounts payable.
  • Speed up credit card and mortgage processing through automated procedures.
  • Automate detection of bank accounts that may possibly cause threats, initiating fraud investigation.
  • Speed up fraud investigations by processing only necessary data.

Ready to help banks in digitizing their processes is Monstarlab Philippines, the software company that will future-proof any business, through its RAX Automation Suite, allowing the creation of customized automation of any degree of complexity.

How can RAX help banks with RPA? This technology promises the following:

  • Allows easy access and harvest of data across multiple web pages.
  • Intuitively shows issues encountered with specific activities during real-time debugging.
  • Creates sequences, flowcharts, or both for business operations.
  • Does expert handling of processes across multiple platforms like Windows applications, spreadsheets, documents, and websites.workflows across multiple Windows applications.

Aside from this, RAX EDITOR supports a number of software or applications that companies most of the time use.

With its version 2.4, RAX’s bots can identify Microsoft Word table elements. Through this, users can seamlessly automate whatever task is created with or primarily using Microsoft Word.

The latest version also guarantees faster turnaround time for tasks related to Microsoft Excel.

Lastly, this upgrade also supports Google App Integration, specifically Gmail, Google Translate, Google Drive, and Google Sheets, by providing more automation features. Version 2.4 is also compatible with the Microsoft Edge browser and SAP systems.

Given the increasing threat that cybercrimes pose, automating a bank’s processes is definitely a good investment.

Through Monstarlab Philippines’ RAX Automation Suite, banks can deploy tools that can help them operate more efficiently, saving them time and money, and establishing that first line of defense against cybercriminals.

Explore how RPA can future-proof your banking operations. Schedule a meeting with the RAX team now.

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