Many companies now turn to digital tools to either boost or enhance their operations. While telecom firms lead enterprises’ digital shift through connectivity, monitoring and managing a vast amount of data can weigh down their efficiency in providing quality telco services. This is a no-no amid the increasing demand for seamless connectivity, customized solutions, and a wider range of products and services. To address this growing demand from customers, robotic process automation, or RPA, can come in and help.


RPA is a software technology that can substitute manual work and automate repetitive, rules-based processes. This can be implemented in an entire workflow, infrastructure, or backend processes, which are usually labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Through RPA, telecom companies can improve their productivity and scalability by automating some of their processes. That way, redundant tasks will be eliminated, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks.

RPA also allows immediate access to data, thus, telecoms are also able to immediately resolve customer inquiries, ensuring customer retention and loyalty.

As mentioned, RPA can be used to automate tasks, effectively reducing operating costs and increasing ROI or return on investment. Moreover, this technology can also reduce costs since its implementation is cheaper than business process management, and its license can be used for multiple processes.

And one company is here to provide such services.


Monstarlab Philippines, the software company that will future-proof any business, offers two powerful products under its RAX Automation Suite, namely RAX MONITOR and RAX EDITOR.

RAX MONITOR is a software that follows and logs ongoing desktop activities in detail. This analyzes the activities and interactions through artificial intelligence, which then recognizes workflow patterns and provides insights into RAX EDITOR’s automation.

Meanwhile, RAX EDITOR allows companies to create customized automation of any degree of complexity. This can handle tasks efficiently across different applications and environments through assisted automation.

Some of its features include easy access and use of tools from an assortment of comprehensive automation activities creating workflows, efficient collecting of data across multiple sites, automatic recording of desktop actions while users are at work, and intuitively showing issues encountered during real-time bugging throughout the workflow creation.

Through RAX EDITOR, telecom firms can conveniently drag-and-drop activities to the workflow area for that automation experience, which can even be customized based on their requirement.

This will also leave all the mundane and repetitive tasks to virtual agents, giving more time for employees to prioritize more important tasks.

And the best of all, RAX EDITOR allows the creation of automation for error-free transactions and better overall output.



Now more than ever, the need for a more efficient operation is getting more important, and telecom firms can take advantage of RPA to streamline their systems.

Telecom companies can achieve this through Monstarlab Philippines‘ offerings that can reduce risks of human errors in their processes, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


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