International research and advisory firm Gartner has recognized RAX Automation Suite in its Competitive Landscape: Robotic Process Automation Software report published in May 2020. RAX Automation Suite has developed robust and powerful RPA platforms that help businesses to unleash the true potential of their workforce.

Gartner highlighted that RPA providers are rapidly integrating process discovery and process mining in their platforms to provide business users with the process insight to be able to deploy more RPA. Also, Gartner notes that RPA market competitors are increasing the scope of related technologies in line with the trend toward hyperautomation.

RAX Automation Suite offers an extensive productivity solution that leads to efficient and effective automation of tedious, repetitive tasks. Over the past few years, RAX Automation Suite has served multiple organizations across different industries and has gained valuable insights into their real business needs.

RAX Automation Suite heavily invested in research and development to offer advanced cognitive capabilities, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Process Mining. The enterprise-grade platform can rapidly automate any information-intensive and data-driven business processes in any environment by combining RPA, inbuilt cognitive capabilities, mobility and engagement, and feature-rich analytics.

In addition to its analysis, Gartner researchers provide several recommendations for RPA providers looking to enter the competitive market. Among these recommendations, Gartner suggested increasing brand awareness by gaining major funding initiatives or significant IT services partnerships. RPA vendors must be able to differentiate their software by adding business or IT process best practices, process metrics, benchmarking, and measures of process efficiency and effectiveness. Further, researchers noted that RPA providers should focus on creating strong software partnerships within the software ecosystem for optimizing competing via hyperautomation.

Moreover, Gartner stated that the biggest challenge this year is how RPA providers can show the ability to support business and IT teams effectively and in doing so, foster an initial sale and then the expansion of that sale and account growth.

With the effort to continuously deliver greater value to businesses, RAX Automation Suite has responded to that challenge and moved beyond simple RPA deployment. The RAX Methodology solution involves working together between RAX experts and the buyer to integrate a set of processes that guarantee successful results.

Through this practice, RAX Automation Suite ensures that the buyer’s automation goals are met. Our experts study and identify rule-based tasks and arrange them in order of priority. From there, they will initialize the Design-Develop-Test-Release cycle that will form the automation library. The buyer’s automation process team leader can then easily monitor and analyze the gains of the automation process through the platform’s intuitive dashboard.

RPA proved to be the fastest-growing software segment in the last two years. Gartner then expects that by 2024, 90% of large organizations will have deployed and begun experimenting with some forms of RPA.

As the automation market continues to surge, businesses are shifting their focus from automation of repetitive tasks to a well-integrated automation approach. Today, businesses are becoming aware of the greater automation advantages and we are confident that automation will play a critical role in the new normal.


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