As the government pushes to modernize the military, can Filipino troops, especially the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), benefit from robotic process automation (RPA)?

Since assuming office in mid-2022, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has been reiterating that his administration will invest in equipping the military with the right and advanced tools so they can better face and deal with dangers facing the country.

The chief executive previously noted that the PCG needs to beef up its capacity, especially now that the country is experiencing maritime woes with military powerhouse China involving the West Philippine Sea.


“We are continuing with the upgrading of the equipment, the training, and the capabilities of all our people, especially the Coast Guard not only because they are on the front line in the problems now that we are facing in the West Philippine Sea, but also because of the very important function that they play when it comes to search and rescue, when it comes to maritime incidents, when it comes to even disaster assistance,” Marcos said in October last year.


“Be assured that this administration firmly stands with you in your plans and efforts to improve, expand, and modernize the capabilities and services so that you may better contribute to the security and welfare of our people and the nation together,” the president added.


How can deploying RPA boost this plan? 

According to the US Department of Homeland Security (USDHS), innovative technologies will help improve mission outcomes. It said that RPA, in particular, is a proven “powerful tool, paving the way for increased operational efficiency, improved data quality, more informed decision-making, and an overall enhanced experience for our active duty, reserve, and civilian workforce.

RPA’s software robots can focus on time-consuming and repetitive duties, which would allow Filipino troops to reduce errors, and do more with less time. This would also enable them to give more importance to high-impact tasks.

The USDHS also said that RPA can boost employee morale and job satisfaction as they do not need to deal with dull and tedious tasks.


“RPA enables employees to dedicate their energy and expertise to tasks that have a direct and meaningful impact on the USCG’s mission,” it added.


Monstarlab Philippines is one of the top technology leaders in the country that has expertise in providing RPA through its RAX team.


RAX experts will be with PCG employees from identifying which processes require automation to guiding PCG employees using the new system.


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Main photo credit: Philippine Coast Guard, Public domain