Since time immemorial, the creation of reports and summaries of operations have been crucial for companies across various industries. These kinds of documents play an important role in the decision-making of a firm that affects many areas of operations, including financial standing and customer service.

For the medical industry responsible for saving lives by promoting health and providing treatment with goods and services backed by science and data, reports creation is especially critical. The same goes with medical data analytics wherein reports are the basis of predicted trends and insights that will help in managing the spread of diseases better. This is why reports created by and related to these should first and foremost be accurate and factual.


One would think that an industry that deals with loads of data daily — just like healthcare analytics — have fully embraced advanced technologies, but the truth is some information-centric companies remain stuck in doing parts of their work processes manually. More often than not, this imposes unnecessary challenges including repetitive labor and inaccurate reports which can be easily solved through the adoption of Robotic Process Automation or RPA.

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Through the help of smart robots powered by Artificial Intelligence, RPA provides efficient assistance in the creation of any kind of report one could think of — from a summary of patients’ health history and appointments, billings, and inventory, to extensive clinical data imperative in medical research and development — name it, and an RPA tool like RAX EDITOR can be programmed to address these specific needs.

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And since RPA robots are designed to be the best in what they do, reports creation is made extra accurately, eliminating discrepancies brought about by human intervention. In this way, medical experts and healthcare analysts are assured that the basis of their data-driven decisions are precise and detailed, helping them to come up with better insights and solutions for an improved overall healthcare quality and services.

With the innovative tools and intuitive dashboard RAX EDITOR can provide, firms under the medical data analytics industry can seamlessly utilize templated and rule-driven reports generation as well as scheduled delivery of reports. This negates the need to manually compile and format data, and to physically dispatch reports to local offices. Another benefit this brings is how data is protected and kept confidential.


In a study conducted by RAX Automation Suite, one of its clients in the medical data analytics industry showed impressive results after using RAX EDITOR. The usual 550 hours spent monthly in reports creation was significantly improved to only 137 hours. On top of this, the RAX EDITOR-enabled medical data analytics firm was able to effectively cut costs, and has earned up to P2.4 million in annual savings.

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There’s no limit to the wonders an RPA tool like RAX EDITOR can do for businesses and organizations. It’s time for your firm to embrace digitization and deploy smart robots, and see the impressive results yourself.

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