As an innovative and practical business leader, you might have encountered the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as you try to look up for possible solutions to your business needs. After giving much thought about it, learning the basics, and examining global forecasts, you have decided that RPA is indeed a must tool for competitive businesses.

By now you know robots are programmed to mimic human activities by interacting with applications and repeating tasks with hyper-accuracy, but exactly which tasks are we referring to?

We list down some of the common workplace issues your company might be dealing with and how RPA can be the answer to your queries.


Dealing with hundreds of thousands of data across multiple sources is just mind-numbing. Many are wasting time watching folders, systems, and sites for new files, more so while downloading, extracting, renaming, and organizing electronic files.

Through RPA, structured data are automatically extracted from emails, internal applications, and other sources and are migrated to needed areas.

A use-case from RAX Suite claims to have reduced a company’s monthly data retrieval time from 70 hours to only 5 hours. Application tools were employed to detect anomaly in the data being processed, ensure data are within the expected range of values, and consolidate multiple sources into a single report file.


Periodic business reports are essential for executives and lower-level employees to keep track of their progress. Preparing such reports is necessary as well as emailing them to concern stakeholders, but it can sometimes be distracting. Most companies assign their people to manually compile, format, and dispatch these pieces of information which restrain them to focus on higher-value work.

Automating this burdensome processes can save you and your people time. RAX Suite provides a case study where they rolled out an automation program which delivered 75% savings in time. Template and rule-driven tools can auto-generate reports, while delivery tools can email them so that they promptly reach everybody.


Dividing up assignments to your team may sound like a straightforward task, when in fact, it’s complicated. This requires forethought and utmost planning as risks may arise if the workload is not distributed in an equitable way.

Software tools are deployed to manage your entire workforce by fairly disseminating tasks to your employees and monitor their activities and progress real-time. RPA helps determine and prioritize the best actions to take so that your business provides faster service and error-free output to your customers.


If your company still relies on an outdated and traditional payroll system, you are lagging far behind. Large and small-scale businesses have come to embrace RPA for their back-office processes – and payroll is very much one of them. A case study from UiPath shows to have achieved 85% faster processing with zero error rates.

Managing payroll is a repetitive, rule-based, and liable to human error type of process. RPA gives the opportunity to improve the consistency and accuracy of payroll functions while driving down the total cost of delivery.


Global companies like Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, and Oracle have integrated RPA in their customer relationship management (CRM) systems and have been enjoying the key benefits of automation since then. Software robots take on the repetitive tasks of keeping their CRM with the most up-to-date information.

Generally, automation helps provide more efficient customer service. A customer rep does not need to exhaust all his effort and time performing actions by switching between different systems and applications before relaying the necessary information to the customer. RPA solutions can automate high frequency and repetitive tasks such as loading a detailed customer profile, getting detailed billing data, updating user preferences, and resolving simple but common customer issues.

The changes that Robotic Process Automation bring along are far-reaching and are here to stay. If automating redundant and time-consuming tasks is a priority for your business, then don’t get left behind.

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