Robotic process automation can be relatively considered new and emerging technology, but several successful companies from crucial industries are proof of its effectiveness. Integrating an innovation into an organization isn’t a walk in the park but some local firms stood up to the challenge and are now reaping the fruits of their risks. Let’s take a quick look at their RPA journey.



A mantra drove a successful pioneer of digital banking in the Philippines, UnionBank, throughout its digital transformation – “digitize or perish.” Its efforts and openness to inculcate technology into its internal and external operations have given the bank worthy recognitions, including the “Philippine Digital Transformer of the Year” by the International Data Corporation. UnionBank is the first bank to get this award from the IDC.1

UnionBank currently leverages all available technology to improve how the overall banking experience of its over 5 million customers, including artificial intelligence in customer-facing chatbots and robotic process automation (RPA) for the creation and submission of financial reports and other backroom operations tasks, resulting in a decrease in processing time by up to 80 percent.2


HCX Technology Corporation

HCX Technology Partners, formerly owned by the Ayala Corporation, signed a deal with one of the largest enterprise software providers in RPA to utilize advanced tools with intelligent robots to boost workforce productivity.3

In an article published in 2018, an HCX official said they’re tapping RPA to eliminate repetitive tasks, especially for their human resources management so that employees can focus more on core functions. With RPA, the firm’s initial intent is to relieve over 60 to 80 percent of administrative tasks from human intervention.3

In January this year, HCX was acquired by Asti Business Services, Inc.(ABSI), a part of The Globe Group. The acquisition is expected to further expand HCX’s end-to-end solutions for human resources, customer experience, finance, IT, and corporate services. It also aims to become the leading shared services center in the Philippines and Asia by 2029.4


Fujitsu Philippines

When it comes to modern workplaces, Fujitsu Philippines understands the assignment. The firm takes advantage of RPA for workflow automation, including Excel files for faster and more accurate processes.

According to Fujitsu, one of the benefits of RPA is remote access, as tasks done by intelligent robots can be prompted via an email or a specialized portal. With this, employees can work anytime and anywhere without using high-end devices.5


Ricoh Philippines

Technology and imaging leader Ricoh Philippines has since seen improvements in its overall business operations since it tapped Monstarlab Philippines to enable robotic process automation in its workflows in 2019.

In particular, Ricoh Philippines uses RAX EDITOR, one of the RPA offerings of Monstarlab Philippines’ Robotic Automation Experts (RAX), to automate its meter billing, finance lease billing, product and service billing, sales order billing, and delivery receipt printing. As a result, Ricoh Philippines employees lessened overtime work which was commonly spent doing repetitive tasks.6

Currently, RAX EDITOR handles more than 90 percent of Ricoh Philippines’ meter readings, allowing its human workforce to focus on addressing customer concerns and communicating with clients.7


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