Mapping out the customer journey is crucial in every business. Putting importance to this is an indicator of how a company values every customer decision and experience – right from product or service awareness to purchase. The entire customer journey should be well-thought-out from start to finish as even the smallest disturbance can cause adverse effects that could result in a lost customer. This is especially true for companies that offer technical products that might be intimidating for some to understand – including technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Robotic Automation Expert (RAX) under Monstarlab Manila considers customer satisfaction one of their top priorities. It’s a company that considers itself not only a marketer and provider of RPA solutions but more of a partner of organizations and businesses looking to start their automation journey. Here’s a quick peek at the RAX customer journey.


One of the long-existing challenges surrounding RPA is the misconception that it’s hard to be deciphered by people who aren’t too into technology or have little to no knowledge about automation. This is something that RAX addresses immediately at the beginning of its customer journey.

RAX guides clients to familiarize themselves with RPA more in the first stage of their customer journey. Part of the initial process is a client presentation with an introduction to RPA. To establish customer trust, RAX also provides a briefer about Monstarlab Manila as a company – its services, clients, and success stories. Afterward, the customer will then be introduced to RAX EDITOR, the flagship RPA software solution of RAX, along with a product demonstration for the clients to grasp and visualize the wonders RPA can do. Finally, to understand how RPA is applied to people’s daily lives, RAX also explains use cases of robotic process automation.

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Following RPA awareness and introduction is what can be called the customization stage. In this part of the customer journey, the client will then be provided with license quotations according to the type of service they need for their respective organizations and companies. During this point, the client will also be asked to identify which processes they would want to automate.

IF NEEDED, the RAX team will conduct a Proof of Concept (POC). With a POC, RAX creates a workflow diagram based on the client’s process that will be automated. The POC will also serve as the blueprint of the RPA solution to be presented to the client.



Once the client has reviewed and is already satisfied with the POC, the final stage of the customer journey is signing a contract that signals the start of project engagement. The actualization of the POC usually takes around two weeks before it becomes a full-fledged RPA solution that’s ready to be used by the client in their workplace.

“It’s important for us at RAX that the customer does not only feel satisfied but they truly understand what they’re getting from us as their RPA partner. A smooth customer journey is important as it amounts to the overall experience of our customers as they realize the benefits that RPA can bring in their respective organizations. How we value the customer journey is proof of how important it is for us at RAX to establish client trust,” said Allan Tan, Monstarlab Manila Managing Director.


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