ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, has been gaining global popularity not just among students but also businesses. As enterprises realize the advantages of going digital, can ChatGPT augment robotic process automation?


Generally, ChatGPT is similar to automated chat services that generate responses. The difference is that users conversing with it can receive more human-like answers.

Compared to another innovation of this time, Robotic Process Automation, which helps in performing routine tasks like data entry, order processing, and the like, ChatGPT can answer a user’s question, summarize long text, classify content, and even translate languages.


ChatGPT can be more engaging with its users, while RPA is applied to discrete business processes.

While these technologies are different from one another, ChatGPT can actually complement the use of RPA to further improve the running of any business.


For one, ChatGPT’s natural language processing skills can help developers easily look for automation opportunities for more effective RPA solutions.

Since RPA bots are not good at dealing with unexpected situations, ChatGPT can assist here as it allows the former to search for clarifications or solutions in an instant.

ChatGPT User Interface


Integrating ChatGPT with RPA also makes way for smoother communication between employees and automation bots. With humans guiding and bots handling repetitive tasks, productivity, and job satisfaction will increase.


Now, one sensitive task in RPA is process documentation. ChatGPT can simply automate this step, ensuring users of accuracy while also saving time.

ChatGPT’s AI capabilities can also help RPA solutions learn from interactions, further refining the latter’s performance.

Indeed, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has proved itself to be a great companion. Matching its performance is software company Monstarlab Philippines’ RAX Automation Suite.


RAX Automation Suite covers extensive productivity insighting and leads to effective automation of repetitive tasks. Furthermore, this provides quantifiable information about the work efficiency gained through automation.


RAX Automation Suite offers solutions that will address a company’s problem with data retrieval, extraction, and analysis, as well as product and client bridging, reports creation, and workload assignment.

RAX EDITOR Drag and Drop
RAX EDITOR User Interface


Talk to the RAX team now to know how you can incorporate this technology and transform your company.

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