With advanced technologies now flooding the market, can people expect a hyperautomated future? Experts say it is possible—by combining the right innovations.

The best example could be combining generative AI (artificial intelligence) and robotic process automation to further accelerate and improve the operations of organizations.


How do they become powerful? 

Robotic process automation can eradicate repetitive and mundane tasks that are usually passed on to human employees, giving them more time to focus on assignments that need human touch and are crucial to business operations.

But bolstering it with AI—making it an AI-powered automation—not only a business can perform manual tasks but it can also focus on automating complex processes.

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To further highlight the two technologies’ advantages, Monstarlab Philippines’ RAX team prepared key points to entice more organizations to explore this combination:


Adapt quickly to market demands. A business can be demanding—either for the starters and the big ones, as decision-makers need to have enough knowledge to cater to their customers’ needs. With generative AI, businesses can be assured of continuous monitoring of current trends in the market, and even predict future demands. RPA, meanwhile, can seamlessly adjust inventory levels. With these two, enterprises can be confident that they can avoid stock outs and minimize inventory holding costs.


Improved customer service. Perfect for handling customer complaints or queries. A chatbot powered by generative AI will ensure that businesses can respond to customer questions, usually using natural human speech. RPA, on the other hand, can sort and access relevant information to satisfy customers’ queries.


Smarter decision-making. With accurate and analyzed data, businesses can make smarter decisions to grow their business. An e-commerce firm, for instance, can tap generative AI and RPA to analyze customer information and browsing behavior to understand their preferences. Knowing what your consumer wants and needs can lead to an increase in sales.


Simplified process automation. Generative AI and RPA can be the best duo for companies in the banking sector as they simplify and lessen manual effort in processing loan applications. Banks and lenders can cash in on AI’s ability to understand information, while RPA can make necessary calculations.


While the thought of investing in these two technologies can be intimidating, the returns of equipping the system with these powerful innovations will be worth it in the end.


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