The Philippines saw its ranking plunge by 13 notches in the 2023 Smart City Index. As the world moves quickly to take advantage of the available digital tools, can the Philippines show better performance?

Based on the latest report of the Switzerland-based business school International Institute for Management Development (IMD), the Philippines dropped to 115th out of 141 cities, from its 102nd rank in 2021.


The Smart City Index ranks the cities based on hard data and survey responses on how technology is enabling cities to address challenges and improve the quality of life of their residents.

The top five “most urgent” for Manila respondents include health services, corruption, unemployment, security, and road congestion.


In its report, IMD floated this question: “Is tech playing a role in people choosing where to live?

Answered with a resounding yes, IMD highlighted that people and companies first look for areas that have high-speed connectivity. Some individuals, meanwhile, depend on their decision on services like health and education.

With the right technologies, the cities in the Philippines can catch up.

One of the technologies that the national government and companies can tap into is robotic process automation (RPA).


RPA, which is being deployed in different industries, has been helping companies in saving operational costs and money as the software robots can focus on mundane and repetitive tasks and finish them immediately. This subsequently frees up time and reduces unnecessary workload from human employees.

Some of the key industries that can receive a boost from RPA include telecommunications, banking, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and information technology.

With RPA, organizations under the mentioned sectors can automate tasks across their platforms, such as workflow and other backend processes. With the seamless processing of data, companies can perform better and improve the delivery of services to the public.


Organizations based in the country can do this as well with Monstarlab Philippines’ RAX. With its powerful tools tailored fit to the needs of its clients, RAX can help evolve every business—from procurement, human resource, data entry, and validation, to data retrieval.

RAX allows its clients to do more in a short span of time, assisting them to grow in the digital world.


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