The Philippine RPA community start the ball rolling this year 2019 as Accenture Philippines, RAX Automation Suite & Microsoft Philippines joined together to bring the second wave of RPA talk. It was held at Microsoft Philippines office in Makati City. This thirs meetup is a two part talk about Robotics Process Automation. Two speakers were invited to discuss their knowledge about RPA using two different software products. Jared tackled about Automation Anywhere while Robert discussed RAX Automation Suite.

Part 1 is an “Automation Anywhere Introduction: Who’s afraid of the Bots” by Jared Fernandez. Jared is the RPA Capability Lead for ATC-P Avanade. He has been working on the IT field for over a decade performing roles as a developer, project manager and scrum master.


Jared Fernandez
SPEAKER: Mr. Jared Fernandez of Accenture PhilippinesSPEAKER: Mr. Jared Fernandez of Accenture Philippines


As per Jared, you can perform a complex process with a single mouse click using Robotics Process Automation and you can create a basic automation tasks in minutes using the Record and Play. He mentioned that Automation Anywhere also includes a Control Room where bots are being monitored and automation scripts are managed. Jared also come to grips with the basics of RPA and why employees should not be afraid of it.

The second part of the event is “Monitoring Productivity and Automation Gains” by Robert Javier. This is about performance monitoring using RAX Monitor, to understand how this tools can help boost productivity as well as measure improvements achieved with automation. Robert has helped achieved efficiency gains worth more than P40M for local BPO operations in the past 2 years.


Robert Javier
SPEAKER: Mr. Robert Javier of RAX Automation SuiteSPEAKER: Mr. Robert Javier of RAX Automation Suite


With the second part, Robert place emphasis on the measurement of productivity savings, which can be inaccurate when estimated by the staff. This may lead to poor prioritization and performance gains when automating. Use of data-driven measuring tool will provide more accurate measurements . This can be used pre-automation and post-automation for comparison. Measuring actual result is important to prove the actual performance gains realized.


RPA Philippines Meetup
Our growing RPA Philippines Community. Thank you for joining us!Our growing RPA Philippines Community. Thank you for joining us!


Automating business process does not mean that humans will be eliminated and will be replaced by the software robots. Instead, automation will allow your personnel to handle tasks that need creative or critical thinking while let the software robots handle the file processing functions and other monotonous processes in your organization. More quality tasks can be done by your employees leading to an error-free tasks with the help of software robots.


Watch the video highlights here:

To all who participated in our meetup, thank you for joining us! We hope to see you guys again in the next session! #AutomateNow

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