Technology takes the lead now as growing businesses adjust operations to adapt to globalization and digital transformation. In our previous blog, we tackled how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Process Mining can aid businesses and organizations in adapting to the post-COVID-19 pandemic economy.

We discussed that strengthening the companies’ automation tools is a vital part of embracing the change induced by the pandemic because there is no better way to revamp and streamline the business than automation.

Now in this blog, we will elaborate on how Process Mining and RPA can transform your company into a green business.

Climate change is both a social responsibility issue and a business problem. Its effect on businesses is something we should ponder and take action to. Each company has a different approach on how to solve problems related to climate change, but every approach must include an initiative to reduce climate-related costs and risks. With this, companies should turn their businesses into green ones since aside from the problems that may arise due to climate change, not being a green business can also put your company in a bad light. It is because most people want to patronize businesses that have shown initiatives towards environmental sustainability.

Using Process Mining and RPA can help you turn your company into an environment-friendly business.

Process Mining is a technique used to collect, analyze, and generate reports about the processes of a business. It is a technology organization used to gather data from corporate IT systems and provides analysis on how key business processes are performing. On the other hand, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software bots to automate repetitive or routine tasks usually performed by the knowledge worker.

The collaboration of these two technologies can help companies to transform their business into a green one. But talking about reshaping your company into a green business, there are lots of factors to be considered such as, but not limited to, energy consumption levels, supply chain efficiency, ideal partners and vendors, and the impact of it on your employees and the culture of your company.


How process Mining and RPA can help you achieve your green goals

 1. Identify existing challenges

To begin achieving your goal for a green business, you must first identify the current challenges and drawbacks of your business processes. You must understand what is happening in your company, where and what you are lacking and needs improvement.

Through process Mining and RPA, you can handle your business processes in a more organized manner. It can give you insights into your key processes and help you optimize workflows. By automating your business processes, you and your employees can have a clearer vision of your company’s health and what should be done to further improve on a specific area. With these technologies, your company can start planning on how you can minimize your environmental impact.


2. Cost-effectiveness and enhance productivity

Automating your business with Process Mining and RPA can help you reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and increase your edge across the industry while also doing environment-friendly practices.

By using the combination of these two technologies, your company can start digitizing purchase orders, invoice processes, and data entry, and automating and streamlining supply chain operations. Through these, you can limit the use of paper forms and moderate excessive printing. This move can contribute to environmental sustainability and help reduce the rapid deforestation that has taken its toll over the last two decades and lessens the number of waste papers in your organization.


3. Adding more value to the business

The goal of transforming your company into a green business also needs creative ideas that can be enhanced by automating various processes.

RPA can help your employees save time by automating time-consuming, error-prone, and repetitive processes. With automation, those routine processes can be handled by software bots. On the other hand, your employees can have their valuable time to do much more important tasks such as brainstorming, planning, and implementing strategies related to sustainability that can add more value to your business.


4. Inspire others to go green

 This is the exciting part of transitioning your company into a green business. While you continue to contribute to the sustainability of the environment, other businesses may be inspired to follow your steps and adapt. As you set a trend on going green and more consumers choose to do business with those who have the initiative to take part in doing environment-friendly processes, then other companies will follow the trend.

With RPA and process Mining, you can track improvements in your business processes and publish the results afterward. Since these technologies have features where you can illustrate data visualization dashboards, your data can be easily reported and shared. Through the help of Process Mining and RPA, you can communicate with others the success of your transition to a green business.


Automating your business processes with the use of RPA and Process Mining is beneficial not only to your company but to the environment as a whole. Helping our environment towards sustainability can also bring more positive impacts on how we live our lives and how we do our businesses. In this era of digital transformation where everyone is moving faster, deciding to transition to a digitalized green business is a critical move that may bring your company to success.

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